When You DON’T Need Planning Permission!

Aug 13, 2019 Building

When You DON’T Need Planning Permission!

There are some scenarios when the dreaded planning permissions are not required. Permitted development rights are a national grant of planning permission which allow certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without having to make a planning application. Permitted development rights are subject to conditions and limitations to control impacts and to protect local amenity.

There is a range of exclusions which apply to permitted development rights in England. For instance, there are protected areas known as article 2(3) land, which cover:

  • conservation areas
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • National Parks
  • the Broads
  • World Heritage Sites

There are other land areas known as article 2(4) land. Article 2(4) land covers land within a National Park, the Broads or certain land outside the boundaries of a National Park. Permitted development rights are subject to national conditions and limitations (for example limits on height, size or location etc). Some permitted development rights are also in place for a limited period of time; these are set out in the relevant Parts in Schedule 2 to theĀ General Permitted Development Order.